Monday, April 23, 2007


Sadly, Rita passed away this morning due to complications arising from a routine operation. We will miss her.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Big Nice

Hello this is Larry here. Rita asked me to write something for the blog so I am showing you a picture from a newspaper. The picture is of a Guinea Pig called Big Nice and he was the Pet of the Day in a newspaper that people read on the way home from work to find out who is the best pet. I think that Big Nice was the pet of the day because he looks like a hazelnut and has tiny feet compared to his big body. What do you think? There's an empty Kiwi Fruit skin in the picture too. I've never tried a Kiwi Fruit. Lots of love Larry xxx

Friday, February 02, 2007

Temple of Rabbits

Blimey, keep your 'hare' on everyone (i'm talking to you Uncle Al). I don't update the blog for a couple of months and I'm being threatened with the boiler.

It's all Larry's fault, but I suppose you don't believe that. He's a complete numbnut - a fluff brain of the highest order. I asked him to come up with a few words about this new hay we're eating and what do I get: nothing.

I'll badger him about it today and hopefully have it loaded into the loptop this weekend, failing that I'll do it myself, as usual.

If you're interested, it's been all go around here. We've had the builders in, making us a new 'run'. There's a gate at the front that needs lowering into place to stop me escaping (which I have to try, even if I don't really want to). Anyway that results in a sort of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Rabbits type situation. I nearly got away this morning, but J managed to lower the gate a split second before I got my enormous ears through. Ho hum, there's always tomorrow.

See you later then, Rita (the rabbit).

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Living In A Magazine

Welcome, dear reader, to the latest installment of Larry and Rita's Bunny Business.

Rita here, and there has certainly been some funny business this month! I was planning on reviewing a new gourmet hay product recently procured from Bryan the Vet, but what with all the excitement recently it's going to have to wait. I'm really sorry!

I'll get straight to the point. Larry and I are big readers - we'll read anything that lines our litter tray. Obviously we prefer highbrow material like 'The Guardian' or 'Viz', but unfortunately we can't often choose and last week we had to put up with a shoddy publication called 'The Times Saturday Magazine'. Anyway, one particular article caught my eye as I shuffled some sawdust out of the way and began to have a wee over it.

I've found it online here, but this is an extract. Brace yourselves:

Meanwhile, Rebecca, [that's our Rebecca, gives us food and stuff -R] a friend of the family, was walking home to Hackney by the Grand Union Canal when she saw a group of boys dangling a kitten off a bridge. “Is that cat yours?” she demanded. “No,” they admitted in surly pre-teen fashion. “Then give it to me right now or I’ll call the police,” said Rebecca, having calculated, correctly as it turned out, that these boys were young enough, just, still to be influenced by the twin threats of an adult speaking sternly and the summoning of the law.

Once Rebecca had got the kitten home, things moved quickly. She has but a small flat, which she already shares with her fiancé and two rabbits, one of whom, Larry, faces a constant battle with his weight. Rebecca knew that we had the space and the inclination. The upshot was that when I got home last Friday, the spare room was all laid out for a new arrival: basket, litter tray, imitation mouse and so forth.

Whoa there!! Now it all makes sense - that creature we showed you last week, it was a kitten, but it doesn't live with us anymore - Phew! More news: Larry faces a 'constant battle with his weight'. Well, hello? Hold the front page! Come on Mr Times, everybody knows Larry is a FAT RABBIT, that's hardly the scoop of the century! I showed Larry what was in the magazine and he mumbled something about 'post-traumatic stress' before tucking in to his seventh leaf of the day. Oh yes and fiance?? Enough said!

To be honest this event raises more questions than answers. Why am I reading about bloody Larry's weight issues in a floppin' national newspaper? Is there no end to the British public's desire for celebrity tittle tattle? Will we ever get to meet the little cat thing in person? And why would she marry him??

Take care, bunny hoppers - it's a crazy world out there!

Rita x

Monday, October 30, 2006

Intruder Alert!

Greetings, Bunny Watchers!

Yes it's our new look monthly blog - Larry and I are fed up of being called computer geeks by the local squirrels so we've cut down our on-line time in the hope of getting a bit of respect from our peers. I've planned a schedule of topics that I would like to discuss with you, and which I hope you will find fascinating and informative. These include 'My Top 5 Hay Types', 'the Great Hay versus Straw Bedding Debate', 'Woodchips - Who Needs 'Em?', and 'the Joys of Independent Living for Rabbits'. Oh and 'How Come Larry's So Bloody Fat?'.

So there's something to look forward to in the coming months.

Oh yes, there was one more thing. The other day I nosed in on J and R in the living room. They weren't alone. Can anybody tell me what this creature is...?

Rita x

Friday, September 22, 2006

An even more evil stench

Good morning again, rabbit watchers!

Larry and I always like to hear about our fans. Today we read a blog that has posted two of our videos. It is called Watergate Summer.

I think it's pretty fair to say that we are the nicest thing on the blog. Most of the stories are about a man called George Bush and all the horrible things that he has done. Apparently he OWNS AMERICA, which is a place much bigger than London Fields where Larry and I live. Anyway he's not taking very good care of America or the people who live there. I don't think he has a rabbit. I think he's probably even more stupid than Larry, and smells worse, too.

Larry is smelly and stupid, but he hasn't got a bad bone in his body. That is why you cannot compare him to George W Bush of America.

Rita x

An evil stench

Good morning, rabbit-watchers!

How are you today? Larry and I had a shocker yesterday. There we were frolicking (yes frolicking) in our run, when an overpowering stench enveloped the yard like a thick dungy soup hanging in the air. Obviously my thoughts turned to Larry, but he denied any responsibility and reminded me that he hadn't eaten brocolli for 6 days. I let him off the hook.

Anyway, to my horror I noticed water bubbling up from the drain under our hutch. I don't know what the resulting mess was, but it wasn't pretty. It went down pretty soon after that but not after a lot of panicking by J and R and myself and Larry being swiftly dispatched to our Hutch. Safe to say we're keeping out of the run today until the plumber's been!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This Post is All About Larry

Oh dear! It's been a long time since I've updated our Bunny Business Blog. Very sorry about that, but I'm a busy rabbit, and Larry hasn't been in a fit state to do anything. There I was getting used to his new gender, when he starts behaving even more peculiarly. The other day he was out all day and when he came home he was in a terrible state. The fur on his face was all matted and it took me a couple of days licking to get it back to fine fuzzy form. Anyway he was a bit down. I couldn't understand it until, rooting around J and R's flat the other day, I found this shocking note:
Poor Larry! He's had his bits chopped off! Ha!

Anyway, one mustn't gloat. I love Larry. Do you remember I promised you a picture of him looking like a cloud? Well, I've managed to dig it out, so here's something special for Larry fans everywhere:
He could also pass for a marshmallow, I reckon.

Rizza x